Omni Group Africa

Position: Multi-sector Company
Categories: Business Profile

Omni Group Africa, a dynamic and innovative organization with a clear vision and mission. Our goal is to become globally recognized as the leading indigenous Ghanaian Group by 2040. At Omni, we are driven by our core values of Excellence, Integrity, and Innovation (EII).

Our objectives encompass a range of industries. We aim to provide quality equipment and services to our valued clients, offer comprehensive solutions for complex energy projects, deliver environmentally friendly baby diapers, enhance agricultural productivity, and offer turnkey solutions for pathogen treatment in Africa.

Omni Group Africa holds several advantages that set us apart. We have a diverse portfolio within the group, financially sound businesses, and a wide range of products available to serve our clients. Our subsidiaries demonstrate technical competence, ensuring the highest standards in their respective fields. We prioritize customer satisfaction through the provision of quality products and services. Additionally, we possess the speed, agility, and a strong distribution network to effectively serve our customers across the country.