Mz Dru

Position: Media Personality
Categories: Entertainment Industry, Personal Profile

Mz Dru is an all-around media personality who dabbles in nearly everything media-related. From presenting and hosting to vlogging and blogging. From the mixing board to the boardroom, Mz Dru has gone from chasing her goals in radio to chasing up global edits, becoming the president and chairman of her own media company, rightly named Digital Reality Universe “D.R.U”.

Driven by the lack of opportunities and know-how on how she could reach her goal of television and influenced by the success of one of her role models, Jamal Edwards of SB.TV, she decided not only to pursue her career but to do so on her platform and create a platform so big that others could also launch themselves. Dru’s passion for the arts and sheer tenacity to succeed have helped her quickly develop her love and understanding of business and management.

Mz Dru’s mission is to empower people through her work on DruTV and demonstrate that creativity is still a requirement for success, and she’s only just getting started Through the Mz Dru brand the aim is for people to really see the personality of Mz Dru and also her passion for all things media.

Mz Dru wants to be able to empower and inspire other people her age and also bring light to young entrepreneurs and artists that usually get passed by on a daily basis by bigger well know companies/brands. The end goal is to be the UKs first youngest version of her role model Oprah