Michael Zormelo

Position: CEO Omni Group Africa And Entrepreneur
Company: Omni Group Africa
Categories: Enterpreneurship, Personal Profile

Michael Zormelo is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the oil, gas, and telecommunications industries, holding leadership positions in these fields.

Michael, the founder of the Omni Group of Companies, has played a major role in influencing the development of ICT in Ghana. Among his noteworthy accomplishments are his roles as the ICT Advisor for Telecom-Liberia in 2004–2005, the IT Advisor to the Inspector General of Police in Liberia in the same period, and member of the Court of Governors at the Ghana–India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence from 2001 to 2008.

Michael graduated from Marietta College in Ohio, USA, with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Petroleum Engineering and a Bachelor of Science (Minor) in Marketing. His diverse background and abundance of experience highlight his dedication to industry excellence.