kweku adoboli

Kweku Adoboli

Position: Financial Consultant
Categories: Consultancy, Personal Profile

Kweku Adoboli had a multicultural upbringing, having lived in Israel, Syria, and Iraq before moving to the UK in 1991. After graduating from Ackworth School, he changed his focus at the University of Nottingham from Chemical Engineering to E-Commerce and Digital Business.

In September 2006, Adoboli started working as a graduate trainee at UBS’s London office. When Adoboli was a young intern in a rapidly expanding bank, he was given the honor of creating a tool that would calculate UBS assets worldwide.

At the end of the internship, his tool calculated UBS’s $3 trillion of assets under management globally and so, he was employed.

He began his career at the bank as a trading analyst in the back office and was quickly promoted to a trading desk, a position that is only granted to individuals who have demonstrated a certain level of reliability. He was elevated to the position of director at UBS in 2010.