Kevin Okyere

Position: Ghanaian Entrepreneur
Categories: Energy, Enterpreneurship, Personal Profile

Kevin Okyere is an accomplished Ghanaian entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the oil industry in Ghana. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Springfield Energy, a billion-dollar oil company established in 2008, Kevin has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision.

Born into an affluent Ashanti family, Kevin’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from an early age. Despite his privileged background, he engaged in selling iced water to football supporters at the Kumasi Sports Stadium, showcasing his determination and work ethic. After completing his education at Opoku Ware Senior High School, Kevin pursued further studies in Accounting at George Mason University in Virginia, USA.

Under Kevin’s guidance, Springfield Energy has achieved remarkable milestones. In 2016, the Ghanaian government granted the company the West Cape Three Points Block 2, a valuable oil block previously relinquished by Kosmos. This acquisition highlighted Kevin’s strategic acumen and dedication to driving growth and development in the energy sector. Springfield Energy has also emerged as a leader in exporting refined oil products to land-locked neighboring countries such as Mali and Burkina Faso, as well as supplying Nigerian crude oil. These accomplishments have positioned Springfield Energy as a prominent player in the oil and gas industry.

Kevin Okyere’s contributions have been widely recognized, and he was honored as the “Man of the Year” in the Oil and Gas category at the 2019 Emy Africa Awards. This prestigious award further acknowledges his outstanding leadership and significant impact in the industry. Kevin’s entrepreneurial journey and the success of Springfield Energy serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the transformative power of ambition, resilience, and innovation in the oil and gas sector.