gregory rockson

Gregory Rockson

Position: Co-Founder and CEO at mPharma
Categories: Health Industry, Personal Profile

Gregory Rockson is the Co-Founder and CEO of mPharma, a patient-centered healthcare firm that is transforming the industry with new technology-driven solutions. With an emphasis on Wholesale, Retail, and Diagnostics, mPharma provides a variety of services that prioritize patients’ requirements.

Established in 2013, mPharma is headquartered in Ghana and operates in eight other African countries, including Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gabon, Uganda, and Togo. Their comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes vendor-managed inventory services, primary care solutions for community pharmacies, and data analytics. The company manages a vast network of 500 pharmacies and GoodHealth shops, serving millions of patients annually. In addition, mPharma owns Haltons, the second-largest pharmacy chain in Kenya, and Vine Pharmaceuticals in Uganda.

Gregory’s vision and dedication to the healthcare industry earned him a Skoll Award in social entrepreneurship in 2019. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Westminster College and has pursued further studies as a PPIA Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and as a Rotary Scholar at the University of Copenhagen.

Beyond his work with mPharma, Gregory has made significant contributions to society. He founded the Big Brother Big Sister program in Denmark and the Six Days of Peace Project in the Middle East, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact worldwide.

As a Ghanaian tech entrepreneur, Gregory’s ultimate goal is to increase the availability and accessibility of high-quality medicine throughout Africa. Through mPharma, he is realizing this vision by leveraging technology to connect and empower an inclusive universal medical coverage, making healthcare affordable and safe for all.

With a mission to transform the healthcare industry, mPharma is reshaping the landscape of African healthcare, ensuring that quality and safe medicine are accessible and affordable to everyone. Gregory Rockson’s leadership and passion, combined with the innovative solutions offered by mPharma, are driving positive transformation and improving healthcare outcomes across the continent.