How employees respond to Heritage Bank’s closure

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How employees respond to Heritage Bank's closure

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How employees respond to Heritage Bank’s closure

Heritage Bank employees have shared varied reactions to the bank’s recent closure.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced the revocation of Heritage Bank’s licence on 3 June after weeks of unstable operations that left many customers stranded.

The CBN stated that the licence revocation was in line with its mandate to promote a sound financial system in Nigeria under the powers of the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act.

The announcement caused panic among the bank’s depositors, prompting many to rush to the bank’s headquarters in Lagos to withdraw their funds. However, the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) assured depositors that it would pay them their insured sums, fulfilling the legal responsibility for which it was established.

But less thought of is another crucial category of people at the receiving end of the situation – the bank’s workers who suddenly became jobless in the wake of the closure. For instance, the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI) has lamented how the authorities appeared to have left the bank’s workers behind.

Many of the bank’s employees have also expressed their feelings about the closure on LinkedIn, a career-minded social media platform.

They expressed their disappointment at the turn of events and concerns about an uncertain future. Against the odds, many of them are resolutely hopeful, taking and encouraging their colleagues to see the setback as a chance for new opportunities.


No matter how prepared for life’s eventualities one can be, losing a job hits with stabbing disappointment.

Amakievi Lambert, who worked as a talent resource professional for over three years, shared a post revealing her nostalgic feelings about the closure of her bank.

“Today, I am writing with a heart full of mixed emotions. The Central Bank of Nigeria recently revoked the license of Heritage Bank, a place I proudly called my professional home. This sudden change has brought uncertainty and challenges for all of us who were part of this incredible institution,” Ms Lambert wrote.

Adoke AD
Amakievi Lambert
Amakievi Lambert

Another former staffer, Grace B, who worked as an executive cash officer for one year and five months, expressed her disappointment.

“I recall several instances where I sat alone and asked God why He let this happen without prior notice,” she wrote. “Now, I understand when people say everything can be taken from you in the blink of an eye; I guess that’s the definition of life.”

Stanislas Ezirike, who served as a Human Resource performance manager for one year and two months, equally penned an emotional thought about his last day in office. “Today, I left home early in the morning to go to my place of work, as I had always done. But unlike in the past, I went to clear my desk and left my workplace for the last time,” he wrote.

Stanislas Ezirike
Stanislas Ezirike

Life Lessons

Chiamaka Udeh, a customer care representative for one year and three months, viewed the situation as a life lesson, emphasising that failures and setbacks are opportunities for growth.

“If there is one thing life has taught me regarding this, it would be that failures and setbacks are part of life experience. Although painful and discouraging, they make you question your entire life, career pursuits, and dreams,” Ms Udeh wrote.

Chiamaka Udeh
Chiamaka Udeh


Despite the uncertainty and the rising cost of living in the country, many former Heritage Bank workers have swiftly recovered from the shock and disappointment of suddenly losing a job and taken up the responsibility of encouraging others to rise from the ashes of a lost job.

Mother Dan-Egwu, who has put in over 25 years of banking career, 10 of which she spent playing different roles, including as a human resource professional at Heritage Bank, has shared two posts dedicated to encouraging her colleagues struck by the closure of the bank.

“In the face of the unexpected closure of our bank, many of us feel uncertain about the future. A job is more than just a career setback; it affects our livelihoods, families, and sense of stability. However, in these challenging moments, our true strength and resilience shine through,” Ms Dan-Egwu wrote.

Mother Dan-Egwu
Mother Dan-Egwu

Drawing from her training and experience as a human resource expert, she wrote in another post, “Remember, losing a job doesn’t define you. It’s a chapter, not the entire story,”

She urged her colleagues to acknowledge their feelings, as “it’s okay to feel disappointed and uncertain”.

She also urged them to reflect and reassess to gain inspiration about the next steps to take, leverage their network, consider learning new skills, and stay positive and persistent.

“A healthy mind and body will keep you resilient, and only a living being can fulfil a purpose,” she wrote, asking colleagues to take care of themselves, meditate and spend time with loved ones. “Allow yourself the space to process these emotions. They are a natural part of the journey,” she wrote.

Ms Lambert also encouraged her colleagues to support each other during the tough time.

“To my fellow colleagues who are facing similar uncertainties, let’s stand together and support one another. Our strength lies in our unity and our ability to adapt and grow. Let’s leverage our networks, share opportunities, and keep pushing forward,” she wrote.

Grace B, the former cashier, expressed hope for a better future.

“I hope every colleague affected by the Heritage Bank Plc closure finds solace in a deep breath of hope,” her post read. “We will get over this in no time. Pointing fingers or cursing anyone is not the solution. It is time to dust off and keep a bright face; we will be fine eventually and look back on this as a learning experience.”

Bracing for new opportunities

Omagbemi Oritsebubem, a former POS systems administrator who worked at Heritage Bank for two years, quickly shifted her focus to new opportunities. In her LinkedIn post, she highlighted her experience in managing POS business, settlement/reconciliation, and virtual banking.

“During my two years at Heritage Bank, I developed strong skills in managing POS-related projects, ensuring accurate settlements and reconciliations, and engaging with clients to deliver top-tier service,” she wrote.

Omagbemi Oritsebubem
Omagbemi Oritsebubem

Similarly, despite his disappointment, Mr Ezirike remains confident that his experience will lead to new job opportunities.

“While this has been a challenging period, I am eager and determined to leverage my skills and experience in a new opportunity. As an experienced Employee Relations Officer, Excel Expert, and Data Analyst, I bring a unique blend of HR expertise and data-driven insights,” he wrote.

Ms Lambert is also optimistic about the future, confident that her experience at Heritage Bank will open new doors.

“While this news has been difficult to process, I choose to focus on hope and resilience. Heritage Bank Plc was more than just a workplace; it was a community where I grew, learned, and forged invaluable relationships. The skills and experiences I gained here have equipped me with a strong foundation to navigate this transition and seize new opportunities,” she wrote.

Ms Udeh, too, sees this challenge as an inspiration to find new solutions.

“So, right now, I should focus on viewing my setbacks as an opportunity to reflect, improve, and move forward,” Ms Udeh wrote.

Ms Dan-Egwu reassured her colleagues that their experience would lead to new opportunities.

“Each of us has demonstrated exceptional talent, dedication, and professionalism. This setback does not diminish these qualities; they are what will propel us forward to new and even greater opportunities,” one of her posts read.


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