Current Internet Service Providers in Ghana

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Current Internet Service Providers in Ghana

We live in a technological era where everyone seems to be very connected to their device; Mobile
smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the lot; wherein this sense would be very conspicuously hard to
determine by saying that, some people do not have access to the INTERNET! Often, people ask where
they can find the right internet service provider to solve their internet needs-This is a well-curated list of
the current internet service providers in Ghana, so the next time you want to take a spree in
binge-watching some of your favorite series, you don’t have to spend too much.

Ghana today is like a wilderness of mirrors in which the only truth was protected by a
bodyguard of lies, so it’s always best to know what you want to do before you venture into
anything you may want to do.

The Current Internet Service Providers In Ghana

● Bluetown
● Ghana WiFi
● Supertech Limited Ghana ( STL)
● E-Comnecta
● Comsys Ghana
● Teledata
● Ecoband
● Spectrum Internet Service


Current Internet Service Providers in Ghana - bluetown

Bluetown is one of the reliable internet service providers in Ghana. Their affordable and sustainable
way of connecting people to the internet is what makes them stand out. They have quite a wide variety
of bundle options at affordable prices. On the brink of the surmise, bluetown is becoming a convenient
WiFi hotspot for most public places in Ghana and you can plausibly find them on 024220299 to
request any if you don’t like sleeping out too many dramas.

Bluetown Packages

Daily Bundle Options With Bluetown
500 MB – Ghc 3
1 GB – Ghc 5

Weekly Bundle Options With Bluetown
2.5 GB – Ghc 8
6 GB – Ghc 16

Monthly Bundle Options With Bluetown
12.5 – Ghc 25
18.5 – Ghc 33
30 – Ghc 50

Unlimited – Ghc 200


Current Internet Service Providers in Ghana - Ghanawifi

If you want to experience truly unlimited internet bliss then, GhanaWifi is the right internet service
provider you will want to take a gander at. You are getting great value for your money with their
well-thought-out bundle options and pricing.

Ghana WiFi has packages to suit the needs of business and personal use. They have their home plans
and business plans that


The Home plans have these various bundle options

Residential Unlimited – Ghc 300 per month
This package comes with a Ghc 1000 fee setup, unlimited internet, and an around the clock support.

Residential Pro– Ghc 1,800 For 6 Months
This package comes with all the features of the residential Unlimited package, but with this, you have a
one-month use of free WiFi.

Residential Yearly– Ghc 3,600 For A Year

This package comes with all the features of the Residential Pro, but with this, you have a two-month
use of free WiFi.

The Business plans have these various bundle options

Business Unlimited – Ghc 350 For A Month
This comes with a Ghc 1,000 one-time setup fee and unlimited internet

Dimension Data
Dimension Data is one of the emerging and evolving technological companies in Ghana that is making
the provision of digital infrastructure services in Ghana easily accessible.

Super Tech Limited Ghana

Current Internet Service Providers in Ghana - supertech

SuperTech Ghana Limited is an IT company offering services in the following areas
● VSAT solutions

● Wireless solutions
● Internet Access
● Networking
● Broadband networking
● IP communications platform
● Gateways for cellular networks
● VPN solutions
● ICT infrastructure.

SuperTech operates and provides over 3500 WAN links nationwide and 200 links in
neighboring countries. SuperTech’s experience in WAN communication is over 15 years in
Ghana and over 22 in Africa.

E-Connecta Limited

Current Internet Service Providers in Ghana

E-Connecta is an Information Technology Company, located at: One airport square, Accra, Ghana.
E-connecta Limited is also a tier 2 internet service provider company in Ghana.
With the launch of their Skyfi internet, they seek to improve the wifi speeds to areas connected and to
provide internet services at a very reliable and cheap way. E-Connecta, one of the top technology
service providers in Ghana, has a strong presence in all sixteen regions and district capitals of the

Comsys Ghana

Current Internet Service Providers in Ghana - comsys

Comsys Ghana aims at building reliable networks across Ghana in a very versatile way.
They offer reliable connectivity via VSAT, fiber, or Microwave technology for your services.
Comsys Ghana has 3 business data packages for corporate organizations and these are standard, premium, and
premium SLA.

This is the breakdown of their various business plans;


Unlimited data transfer
Fully redundant
24/7 support


The premium business plan has all the features of the Standard business plan except with this, there is more
varied speed.

Premium SLA

The Premium SLA business plan has all the features of the Standard business plan except with this, there is the
option of multiple connectivity.
Comsys Ghana can be contacted through the following phone numbers 0302 250737 / 0302 251097.


Current Internet Service Providers - Teledata

Teledata is another great internet service provider in Ghana offering real value to people.
Below are some of their data packages;

Basic-Speed Internet from 252GHS/month

Basic-Speed Internet from 353GHS/month

Basic-Speed Internet from 454GHS/month

High-Speed Internet from 505GHS/month

Ultimate-Speed Internet from 885GHS/month

Teledata also has other satellite internet data packages, fiber connectivity for properties where office or home,
and cloud services.


No photo description available.

Ecoband provides internet connectivity services and solutions for data network providers in African countries
under ECOWAS.

Spectrum Internet Service

Spectrum Internet Service is a great internet service partner for you.
They provide the following services
● Submarine cables
● Infrastructure and network solutions
● ERP and CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the ISP keep track of your online internet surfing?
Answer: Yes, they do. Most internet service providers keep track of your internet history unless you use
a very secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

2. Can you request history from your ISP?
Answer: Yes, you can, but it depends on the ISP and the severity of your need for it.

3. Can an ISP still see your internet history when a VPN is used?
Answer: No, ISPs do not see web search history and websites that you may have visited when you use a

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